Evan Voytas

I owe an explanation. I headed down to Austin for SXSW and all you got was this so far.

Pretty lame, eh?? Well, I didn’t have a computer down there with me. That, along with being drunk for the whole week, prevented me from providing regular and timely updates. I’m back now and am going through the scribbles of band names and random thoughts written on the side of a CD box. It was my ‘notebook’, made on saturday night while waiting for pizza delivery at 5am.

Before I get to any of that, I’d like to post about Evan Voytas. It was another one of those e-mails I get where I digg the music I hear when I open my inbox. Mainly the track The Yellow World of ’83. What do you remember in ’83? I was five. I remember nothing.

This song comes from Evan’s debut 7 song EP “Introducing Evan Voytas”, to be released March 25th on luvtouch.

If you’ve got another minute, check out We’d Be Good Together, your feel good song for today.