‘All Is Love’ from Karen O (Where The Wild Things Are)

Well, that was enough of a break for me. After putting up Indie Music Filter Volume 6, I decided to wait a couple days before adding new content and pushing the post to the bottom, then on to the next page. I’m really hoping everyone likes the mix. I’m still spinning it.

As well, I’ve been marking tons of incoming e-mails with flags indicating awesome music. Looks like I have the next two weeks mapped out for me here on the site. Maybe I’ll do a couple catch-up catch-all posts to get the ball rolling. In the meantime,

Head to the Where The Wild Things Are myspace page to hear the song ‘All Is Love’, our first taste of Karen O’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) composing chops for Spike Jonze‘s upcoming story book adaptation. This song features Karen with an untrained children’s choir.

It’s cute.

And its available digitally tomorrow, soundtrack in sept, and we’ll have to wait until October to see those monsters running around. Have you seen the trailer yet? Best marriage of trailer and song ever.