Video: “Wore It Deep” by The Tree Ring

the tree ring

This is pretty awesome, check out the video for “Wore It Deep” by The Tree Ring. The bandheld a private house show with a cover charge of one household lamp. The event was created and captured by these people:

Wes Bruce (art director), Travis Cook (lightboard operator), Destin Daniel Cretton (director, producer, editor), Daniel Gonzales (sound recordist), Brad Kester (producer), Ron Najor (producer), Brett Pawlak (director of photography), Kelly Bennett (violin), Darla Hawn (drums), Douglas Welcome (bass), Joel P West (organ, singer, songwriter), Anne Williamson (bells)

“Wore It Deep” is from The Tree Ring‘s forthcoming record, Generous Shadows. The album will be released on 2/12 in San Diego ( and 2/15

Wore It Deep (The Tree Ring) from Destin Cretton on Vimeo.

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