When Saints Go Machine Get Moulinexed

One thing I’ve learned about music coming out of Scandinavian countries: It often succeeds in blending the best of diverse genres of music, while betraying nothing of the country of origin until a myspace visit. If I had never bothered to check, I would have imagined Jose Gonzalez as an Latino American cover-master, rather than the changing face of Swedish demography.

Listening to “You Should Be Someone Else”, by Denmark’s When Saints Go Machine, I hear echoes of TV On The Radio, Terence Trent D’Arby, the Neptunes, and 80’s Italian Disco.

An artist I can’t get enough of lately who takes these foot-tapper tracks and makes from them dancefloor killers is Moulinex, out of Munich. If there is one thing I have learned about modern Electro House music is that das Germans do it better than anyone out there. (Ok, the French are still the masters) The key, lovely rolling distorted basslines that somehow offer comfort or contortion to the listener.