Today I was wondering why I never got around to posting anything more than a link to Midlake back when I was trying to recount my lost days in Austin… I’ve been sitting on this one too long. Here goes.

Put together five kids from a small town in Texas called Denten. Let them write music together and get noticed by a UK label (Bella Union) run by Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde. Let them blow up and continue to blow up. Let it sound like a ’70s-infuenced folk-pop experience.’

Right now the Plug awards are taking votes for a variety of blog/website/Internet related categories. Midlake is up for three. Best Indie Rock Album of the year (Trials of the Van Occupanther), Song Of The Year (Roscoe) and Video Of The Year (Young Bride). I’m betting they’ll e-take home one of these awards at least. Maybe best album. Its really good, check out what Jason Lee has to say about it:

The Trials of Van Occupanther is now one of the most important modern records I own. In an age of overly-used irony and disconnected nonchalance, this record actually means something, and Midlake should be forever hailed for their unique and genuine approach to music. Simply put, Van Occupanther has backbone, and the fact that you don’t feel cheated by it gives one hope that sincerity can still exist within modern alternative music.”

Here’s an oldie of the first record (Bamnan and Silvercork) called Balloon Maker.

Finally, check out this remix of Young Bride by Cassettes Won’t Listen.
Currently, the band is touring Europe and then Australia.