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young circles

Great surprise in my inbox just now.  Florida band Young Circles and a track off their debut full-length Jungle Habits (out on August 23rd).  They’re a band which spent its first few years playing straight-up garage rock (as Stonefox and Blond Fuzz), then recorded an album in 2010 and just weeks before their album was set to release, abandoned the project completely, scrapping all but two songs.  The group changed their name and started in another direction, first with the Bones EP (released in January 2011), now back charging towards the release of their debut full-length.  Think “serpentine structures, dynamic percussion, and many-layered, spacey sounds”, but in the first single below, I think it fits with Kasabian, Wolfmother, Jagermeister.

Try on “2012“.  I’m glad they went this direction, killer tune.