VIDEO: “It’s You” (Zayn Malik Cover) by BØRNS

It’s been a while since I’ve posted–I guess all it took was some new music from BØRNS. He’s so good I feel like I’d be sinning if I didn’t share.

Last week BØRNS released a cover of “It’s You” by Zayn Malik along with the video below. Listening to BØRNS’ rendition is like walking alone in a forest as the sun slowly begins its decline, light streaming through the branches of the trees and projecting onto the dirt ground. It’s hazy, magical, light but heavy at the same time. It’s unexpectedly pensive.

BØRNS has been making a gradual but clear transition from feel good beats to introspection while maintaining his eclectic, mystical allure. Live, he exudes a kind and lighthearted spirit. You can catch him at a few stops on the Lumineers tour this fall!