Canadian Music Week Houseparty

I’ve been planning a showcase for my artists during Canadian Music Week (CMW) for the better half of two months. And Saturday morning, I had this awesome feeling that everything was going to work like clockwork. Until I got this e-mail at 12:30pm…..

It was from one of the production people at CMW responding to the news that the [social] (the venue) had cancelled my showcase for saturday night. The reason? They hadn’t made enough money on the two previous CMW nights in bar sales and attendance, so to cut loses, the bar would have to be opened up to the public, or the regular saturday night crowd. (Bad call, we would have packed that place and made them money).
I met all my artists down at the social around 3pm. After investigating a bunch of venues, we had little to go on. CMW were trying to find us another venue, but during this festival, everything is booked. So, Jose Contreras had an idea of throwing a houseparty at his and Lily Frost‘s house two blocks away.

Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Junetile and Aporia brought tons of beer, which was free throughout the night. Admission was also free. All four bands sounded great (Madrid joined the Mile End Showcase at Spin Gallery). And we had some visits from CBC’s Zedtv and CBC Radio 3.

Thanks for everyone who came out and supported us.