Wisdom of a Fool

A couple of months ago, the British magazine Monocle wrote an article about why ‘it’s time for the world to learn Portuguese’, presenting a detailed analysis of the talents coming from the ‘Generation Lusophonia’. Ranking #1 in the top 20 examples that most inspired the magazine’s editorial team, was the art collective Zigur Artists, a record label that goes beyond what that tag usually means. Mr. Herbert Quain, one of the collective’s protégés, released the impressive ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving the Waiting’ last year and is now back for more, with a b-side entitled ‘Wisdom of a Fool (Mr. Herbert Quain’s Lesson Edit)’. This track takes the mid-sixties obscure blues song by Johnny Jackson and the Blazers feat. Merle Spears ‘Wisdom of a Fool’ and reinvents it, playing with the dialectical tension between past, present and future that so strongly defines the artist.