Time Carries On by Aron DAlesio

Who : Aron D’Alesio from Young Rival .

What : When I’ve got my ‘music biz’ hat on, I sometimes think about different ways to market artists and songs in this ever changing industry. What about the idea of an anthem? You hire a popular local bar to put on a song at the same time every night, as well as encourage the bar to lead a singalong. Might sound pretty silly, but I’d love to go to a bar that has a tradition like that. Here’s a song by Hamilton’s Aron D’Alesio (lead singer of Young Rival ), which I’d consider a drinking song ideal for group vocals, having a pint and singing with your friends. Head by his myspace page to hear more (apparently he’s got a bunch more new material, keep your ears peeled).

Song : Time Carries On .