Press For Prints: Boss Construction

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A few posters from Nashville’s Andrew Vastagh caught my attention recently, so I took a look at the other great designs at his website for Boss Construction.  Take a look at a few of my favourites and read a little more about Boss Construction below.

About Boss Construction:

Andrew Vastagh, aka BOSS CONSTRUCTION, is a one man design, illustration & screen print show, based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Andrew designs and prints all his posters by hand, personally.  As a graduate of the design program at The University of Memphis, Andrew wanted to avoid a corporate cubicle and focused instead on the freedom gig posters and freelance projects offered.  He has worked on everything from T-shirt designs for Death Cab For Cutie to the recent identity and branding of The Warped Tour 2010 and projects with Wonka candy and KIA Motors.  Andrew lives in Nashville with his fifteen year old daughter Madalyn, and two mean chihuahuas Bonita & Echo.


“Gold Silver Diamond” by Generationals

“Gold Silver Diamond” by Generationals

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I’m pretty happy to hear New Orleans-based indie-rock duo Generationals are back with a new full-length album titled Alix.  Produced by Richard Swift (The Shins, Tennis, Foxygen) and being released on Tuesday, September 16 via Polyvinyl Record Co., Alix reveals itself as perhaps Generationals’ most confident record yet.  “Gold Silver Diamond,” Alix‘s buoyant first single is described by  Generationals‘ Ted Joyner as “a feel-good party track that is about emptiness, despair, and the meaningless futility of life“.

Take a spin.

Trending Playlist (AUX)

Trending Playlist (AUX)

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Each week for the past couple of years I’ve done a post on called “Track Of The Week“; highlighting stand-out song from breaking artists.  Last week, we took the concept a little bit further, opting for a playlist over a single track.  As part of the “Trending Playlist” series, I highlight 8-10 songs on the Hype Machine charts and put them together in a Minilogs playlist.

What could be a great way to catch up on what happened each week on the blogs, check out my inaugural “Trending Playlist” post.

I lead off last fridays’ playlist with the latest from Death From Above 1979.  Featuring the duo’s signature sound (pounding drums, heavy bass fuzz  & howling vocals), look for “Trainwreck 1979″ off the band’s upcoming release of The Physical World.

The Golden Age Is Over.

The Golden Age Is Over.

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You could listen to Woodkid‘s album “The Golden Age” without watching any videos and still find it absolutely overwhelming and brilliant.  But that wouldn’t be the complete experience.  Yoann Lemoine is a talented video director and, from inception, his intention with that incredible album seemed to involve a complex multisensory experience.  “The Golden Age” is the purest form of storytelling: it is visual and audible poetry.

But alas, every story comes to an end.  The last breath of  “The Golden Age” is a disconcerting 11 minute video that finally makes all the pieces of the puzzle come together.  It is dramatic in its mundane subject and deeply touching in its rawness and honesty.  After the first play I knew one thing for sure: Woodkid belongs in big screens, with live orchestras, telling stories.  And I am really looking forward to hearing and seeing and feeling the next one.