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Tim Williams

Tim Williams

While checking some of my favorite blogs, I ended up with a couple mp3s on my computer by Tim Williams.

Kudos to Dovecote Records for putting out Tim’s latest record When Work Is Done. A home to Aberdeen City and Mason Proper, I’ve always thought this label has a good ear for talent. Do you think he looks a little shaggy?? Someone took off with his beard trimmer, his glasses and his computer (which had close to 100 of his demos on it) after his Brooklyn apartment was broken into. This was a day before he was set to do pre-production on this record. Deciding to hurdle this challenge, Tim recalled 50 or so songs and recorded them on a four-track recorder, 25 were selected to be laid to tape with UK producer Dave Lynch (The Duke Special, The Late Greats).

The result is “a strikingly confident work that boldy drifts from keyboard-laden marches (To And From Tomorrow), to earnest Americana (Lessons) and fuzzed-out electro balladry (Out There)“. Sounds kind of like Ryan Adams and something else I can’t quite figure out right now. Can you?

Check out Novel. Here’s the video. Find more of his songs at his website, myspace, or two old songs I found at his label.

Best Songs Of The Year – Disc 2

and here is the 2nd disc.

1) All My Life – The Bear Quartet

2) Motivation – The Delta Spirit

3) One More Time – Autovaughn

4) Song For The Fields – Fields

5) Cartoon Music For Super Heroes – Albert Hammond, Jr.

6) Tickets to Crickets – Ferraby Lionheart

7) God Is Going To Get Sick Of MeAberdeen City

8) Quiet Place – Working For A Nuclear Free City

9) Flower GardensChad VanGaalen

10) Emma, Get Me A Lemon – The Walkmen

11) When I Am Gone – Sparrow House

12) Blood On The Snow – Horse Feathers

13) Middle Distance Runner – Sea Wolf

14) Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez

15) Yea Yeah – Matt & Kim

16) Bowie 4 – Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground

17) House Fire – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin

18) Bush – Page France

19) Well Thought Out Twinkles – Silversun Pickups

SXSW Report: DAY 1

Here’s what I remember…..

I spent most of that afternoon (last wednesday) at the Canadian Blast party in the Brush square. Solid sets by Magneta Lane and Pilate. Swollen Members, not so great. They did have a great big tour bus, but I’m not sure the crowd appreciated the long wait in between them and the band before them.

I remember having Tex Mex that night. One of the cool things about SXSW is that everything is so damn close. I ordered my food, left the table, went down 6th street 2 blocks, and caught two songs by Aberdeen City. They were great. And the food was waiting for me when I returned.

After dinner I jumped across the street to see two songs from Sailboats are White and a couple songs from the Hot Springs. Could they be a new buzz band? They do hail from Montreal….. but apparently Edmonton is the new Montreal.

A short hike then a couple tunes from Head Automatica. Then, the coolest thing happened. I heard that the Flaming Lips were performing a surprise set at a nearby outdoor venue. I missed their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, but caught their rendition of Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ (with Peaches). Second last stop, Wolfmother.

Last stop, and the best way to wind down the night? Mogwai. Purely awesome.

The Flaming LipsThe Flaming Lips

Canadian Music Week Picks

Here are my picks for the festival. Make sure you check out www.cmw.net for more details or pick up an eye mag.
Wednesday, March 1st:

Thursday, March 2nd:

Friday, March 3rd:

Saturday, March 4th:

To do all these shows, you need a time machine, and those warps from Mario Brothers.