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New Music From Kevin Drew, “Good Sex”

New Music From Kevin Drew, “Good Sex”

Take a listen to “Good Sex”, is the first single from Darlings - the sophomore album from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew (out March 18th).  Darlings has Drew stepping out more on his own, seven years after BSS with more experience and maturity.  The album features a focused and refined sound; more honest, revelatory songwriting, with Drew’s craft concentrated on lyrical and emotional connections, less so than guitar pedals and studio jams.

Darlings features longtime collaborators Charles Spearin and Ohad Benchetrit (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene) along with Dean Stone (Apostle of Hustle) and Dave Hamelin (The Stills).  Darlings was co-produced by Dave Hamelin, Kevin Drew and Graham Lessard.

“This record is a celebration of memories. It’s about the rise and fall of love and sex, in my own life and in today’s society. This topic has been with me for years. I approached it focused purely on the songwriting, leaving all the tricks and explosions behind. I hope you like it… and if you don’t, give to someone who will.”Kevin Drew

I’m liking this track, The National fans might too.

Hottest Canadian Bands, 2007 edition

Head to I (heart) Music to see who was voted in the top 33 hottest bands in Canada (hottest meaning as best, most hyped or most popular. interpretation was up to the voter). A big list of bloggers, writers and music industry people who are keeping an eye on whats going on.

Here’s what I sent in.

1) Caribou

2) The Arcade Fire

3) Patrick Watson

4) Miracle Fortress

5) Wintersleep

6) Sunset Rubdown

7) Basia Bulat

8 ) Kevin Drew (**only choice of mine that didn’t make the top 33)

9) Handsome Furs

10) Besnard Lakes

I always find it hard to make a list like this every year because inevitably I forget a couple names. ie. I forgot the #1 choice, you know, that girl from the ipod commercial?

iheart Hottest Canadian Bands, 2007 edition

Kevin Drew

Had a good night out at Lees Palace on thursday. Went to see Kevin Drew‘s early show, as part of the Edge 102.1′s next big thing concerts in conjunction with It was impressed with the show. From what I’d heard online of Spirit If.. (Drew‘s recent solo release on mini-major Arts& Crafts) it didn’t grab me right away. Again, I needed the live show to get me more interested in the record.

You might have seen this video a little while ago, Back Out On The … by Kevin Drew. And yes, that’s J Mascis playing drums and guitar. Solid track and definitely a girl mover live. My fave track live?? Lucky Ones, featuring Tom Cochrane. And yeah, he came out on stage to perform it live. It was a surprise for sure (I guess I assumed that when Drew tells the audience that he’s got a special guest, it would be someone along the lines of Feist, Emily Haines, or someone else from Stars, BSS, A&C extended family). Pretty star studded band as well, Justin and Brendan from BSS, Sam from Toronto’s Uncut, Andrew from American Analog Set and Bill Priddle formerly of Treble Charger. John Crossingham (Raising The Fawn), Andrew Whiteman (Apostle Of Hustle) and Bloc Party’s Gordon Moakes aslo graced the stage that night.

Head to Drew‘s myspace page to hear some of his songs, Tbtf (to beautiful to f&*k) is free to download and you can find Lucky Ones at the Leather Canary.

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KC Accidental

One of the most inspiring records I’ve ever listened to.

Anthems for the Could’ve Bin Pills by KC Accidental (Noisefactory, 2000).

An experimental project between Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, the music blends between ambient soundscapes and layered minimal-pop epics. This project has had a huge impact on the sound of the first two BSS records. **Actually, if you check out the new video for ‘Fire Eye’d Boy’, Charles Spearin poses the question of writing more instrumentals.

If you:

-are lying under the stars, listen to Is And Of The

-want to hear Emily Haine’s (Metric) earlier work, try Them (Pop Song #3333)

-are people watching on the subway after a long day of bullshit try Silver Fish Eyelashes

kc KC Accidental

pixel KC Accidental