Finished. I just updated the Toronto show listings and the IMF Player. Does anyone listen to the player? Its an ongoing playlist of the most recent blogged about music on the site, in its own little player. Can be idea for when you’re working away and want a little music in the background. I’ve put it on at parties in the past.

Speaking of parties, I’ll be throwing one tomorrow night as a half-Halloween half-Housewarming shindig. My playlist is a combination of a huge collection of Halloween sound effects I found, classics and new music. We’ll be serving Halloween candy, peeled grapes, and Brain shots. Should be fun.

And I’ll be dressed as a giant Banana (Found a great costume at Value Village). My good buddy Ian, who dressed as a giant banana in an earlier year, suggested that I’d need a good, quick way to be able to use the facilities. Since I slip into the banana from the back, we realized a hole in the front would be the best solution. All you have to do is cover it up with a giant sticker, in this case I ripped off Chiquita.

Do you have your Halloween costume yet?