3 things

1) Making a Centaur costume is a hell of a job, one that I thought I was up for. Its a series of challenges, each more difficult than the last. You might think its hard to talk your way through curious home depot employees while scoping materials, wait until you try and glue/duct tape large pieces of 2 inch foam together. Every wonder what keeps the back end of a horse up?? The back legs. I tried something less obivous.

By default, I’ve decided to be a Satyr for Halloween.

2) You can never only have one shot of Jagermeister.

and finally,

3) and in the spirit of dressing up, this has to be one of the weirder videos you’ll see these days. Simple concept: lets take one angle, paint your shoes gold, and dance. The track is called ‘If You Leave Me Now‘ by Daniel Agust. He’s got a solid voice (maybe a little Richard Ashcroft) and an interesting style in writing songs. My kind of quirky.

Daniel Agust