A Lull

a lull

A Lull is the result of Nigel Evan Dennis, Todd Miller and Mike Brown hashing out music ideas in basements, bedrooms and practice spaces all around Chicago over the past two years. Believing that everything has a place in a recording, A Lull include sounds of percussive instruments against a wall, churning cans full or garbage and beer bottles with a broom stick, hitting drums with microphones, recording unplugged electric guitars with extremely sensitive microphones, everything DIY. After more than 50 songs were written, the band began the live show near the end of 2008.

The band released its debut effort, Ice Cream Bones EP, which was a compilation of the four songs that were the closest to a finished state at the time and that made sense together. A good intro. Now, here’s their follow-up. Grab the single “Weapons For War” (below) and keep an eye out for the upcoming full-length album, Confetti.

For fans of Yeasayer, Animal Collective, Battles.

A Lull – “Weapons For War” (epic)

Download the single here (comes with the track “Spread It All Around”). Or check out the remix ep.