A Soundtrack to Movies That Happen In One Night

jirvindally onenight A Soundtrack to Movies That Happen In One Night

This is pretty awesome.  Nada asked J. Irvin Dally to put together a contribution for the 19th mixtape installment on her site.  He came back with the perfect soundtrack to movies that take place over the course of one night.  Read below.

(from J. Irvin, via friends with both arms)

Movies That Happen in One Night / All My Friends
Not too long ago, my brother Steve and I went through this big kick on movies that occur in one night. These movies seem to bend time and are able to capture you in their world by simply letting you tag along for an evening of debauchery.
My mixtape is comprised of songs that fit this basic concept, the songs that I would use. I tried to choose songs that most people would know because it fits the idea of hanging out with a lot of people.
These movies usually contain the basic, Hero’s Journey plot structure but it’s condensed into one great night.
The movies that actually pull this off well make up a majority of my favorites; Dazed and Confused, Detroit Rock City, Rebel Without a Cause (more like 48 hours), American Graffiti, and Can’t Hardly Wait.
There are a ton more, I even have a list saved on my desktop…
Anyway, I drew up a little plot map if you’re having trouble following my logic. Enjoy.

The plot structure I tried to create is one where things start off with the call to action, “party” (tracks 1-3).
Then like most good stories; whatever the original goal of your group of friends was, the focus shifts to “the hott girl” (track 4). ‘But wait! she was kissing some other dude at the party!’ So it’s like ‘screw this guys, I’m outta here (track 5)’.
Then you meet Jenna Elfman on the street dressed up as an angel / stripper (Can’t Hardly Wait) and she helps you get over that chick with an inspiring conversation about how bad your life could be (tracks 6 and 7).

+You could also switch out all the whiny girl stuff here with ‘the struggles to get to the KISS show’ and you’d pretty much have the plot of Detroit Rock City…

Then tracks 8-11 you finally forget your problems and start having fun with your “real friends”, cause it’s graduation night or whatever. Like you’re drunk in a supermarket or something…
All of the sudden you see her, the girl that’s even hotter then the hott girl (track 12). Love at first sight.
And then you all go to some oddly well organized forest party with Matthew McConaughey where one keg seems to get everyone hammered (Dazed and Confused).
Finally, you’re alone and you almost kiss (tracks 14 and 15) but hen the cops come! (track 16)
Everybody splits, partially in slow motion (track 17).
While you’re driving away in your buddies car you start to reminisce on the night and how great your friends are and junk while you watch the sunrise through the side window (tracks 18 and 19).
Then your buddies drop you off at home and roll credits (track 20)

I’m thinking of becoming a director or maybe just going back to high school.

1. Van Morrison – Wild Nights
2. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
3. Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night
4. Telepopmusik – Breathe
5. The Zombies – Leave Me Be
6. Taking Back Sunday – Great Romances of the 20th Century
7. The Curiserweight – Luciena
8. The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket
9. Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker
10. Sam Cooke – Shake
11. Bow Wow Wow – Fools Rush In
12. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
13. The Clash – Death or Glory
14. Wilco – She’s a Jar
15. Christopher O’Riley – True Love Waits
16. The Police – Every Breath You Take
17. Lee Fields & the Expressions – Last Ride
18. Broken Social Scene – All My Friends
19. Morrissey – There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
20. Peter, Paul & Mary – Early in the Morning

Head to Friends With Both Arms to download the mixtape.