Adding to that list

The list of bands to try and see during SXSW in Austin next month. When I’m done, I’ll probably have 50 some odd bands I’d like to see while I’m down there (not to mention two bands that I work with playing showcases). Going to bring running shoes to help with the dart from bar to bar at 10 to each hour.

High up on the list though is The Dodos. I’ve talked about them before and they’ve even been heard on one of my mixes (which reminds me, its about time to put together another). In the recent months they’ve been signed (Frenchkiss) and are soon putting out their debut album Visiter March 18th. I’ve you haven’t heard Fools yet, try the video on for size.


The new one on the net is Jodi, head to Stereogum to grab it.