All My Days by Alexi Murdoch

Who: Alexi Murdoch from the ‘Away We Go’ Soundtrack.

What: Been seeing the trailer recently for the upcoming Sam Mendes movie ‘Away We Go’ and wondering who’s song was featured. Turns out it is the song ‘All My Days’ by London born, Scottish bred singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch. Also turns out he’s the primary musical voice for the film, having 8 of his songs in there, including three unreleased tunes. I wonder who handed the director of a copy of his album Time Without Consequence early in the creative stages…..hmmm. Thats the kind of opportunity that the music publisher side of me dreams of. But, seems like a good fit between this artist and the feel of the film, look for the soundtrack in June.

Song: All My Days. For fans of Nick Drake, Ray LaMontagne, Jose Gonzalez.