alt-J (∆): A lifestyle

Joe Newman’s voice is beautifully viscous. Hearing his vocals with the instruments is like watching the wax in a lava lamp move up and down. Or sometimes it feels like you’re floating through never-ending space. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s a phenomenon you have to experience for yourself if you haven’t already.

Throughout my fan-hood, I’ve learned that alt-J is not a phase but a lifestyle. Half of the interactions I’ve had with strangers this year has been through fellow fans commenting on the alt-J decal that I have on my laptop. When the three (formerly four) performed at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, the intimate venue was packed with only those who knew every indiscernible nonsensical lyric. They weren’t performers per say, but they put on a hell of a show and the crowd was in love.

They’ve been able to gain a large amount of popularity without the frowned-upon mainstream factor; probably because their music attracts a certain type of person. Well Joe, Thom, and Gus, thanks for bringing us all together.