VIDEO: “Amerika” by Wintersleep

Wintersleep has unveiled their powerful music video for single “Amerika” from their album The Great Detachment (Dine Alone Records). The song delves into the juxtaposition of a society composed of individuals facing intense struggle and oppression, while being part of a nation founded on optimism and hope.

The song made me think of civilizations that have come and gone in a way. Nations that have fallen from a kind of ‘golden age,'” said director Scott Cudmore. “But to me the video isn’t explicitly political – it’s about people and how we connect with one another, especially if we recognize that our time is finite.”

The song has some serious legs in holding on to the No. 1 spot on the Canadian Rock chart for seven weeks, and topping the Canadian Alternative radio chart for three weeks, all while getting spins on BBC Radio 2 in the UK, and gaining traction in the US.