VIDEO: “Quite Like You” by Andy Shauf

Party music, via Andy Shauf‘s “Quite Like You.”  The new clip was animated and directed by Chad VanGaalen, who has recently made stunning videos for artists like Tanya Tagaq and Shad, Holy Fuck and Daniel Romano.

The collaboration from Shauf and VanGaalen takes viewers into a meta world of awkward parties. Bizarre-looking “party mutants” roam through rooms interacting with each other — controlled, we learn, by zoned-out gamers on couches. At the heart of it, though, there’s a totally endearing alien love story.

Andy’s story was really easy to get inside of and hang out for a while, so I just sat right here in my drawing chair and decided what type of fashion the party mutants would be wearing,” VanGaalen said in a statement. “Tennis ball pedestal helmets will obviously be available soon-ish.”