Another Favourite Entry – Ilvekyo (Whisky Rocks)


This week on Aux, as part of the Whisky Rocks competition, the submissions are up and I was asked to pick another standout band/artist.  Here’s Ilvekyo.

(from aux)

As I briefly mentioned last week, I was liking the submission from Toronto band Ilvekyo.

Their video for “Judge” has the band performing live off the floor acoustically in a living room or practice space.  Whats different from a lot of the other videos up here in this competition, is this live video actually sounds good!  The guitars and strings (which I’m a sucker for) mix well, the vocals are front and center and the homemade percussion loop ties it all together really well.  Doesn’t hurt as well that their singer can sing too.  Also, I’m a big fan of dynamics in music.  Notice how in this song all three players are hitting/playing different notes and progressions.  To me this is way more interesting then hearing three guitarists playing the same bar chords.

When writing these posts, I always loop the song in the background.  With repeated listens to this song, it gets better and better.  A chorus hook that didn’t get me right away, is in there now.  I love a song that creeps up on you.

One word of advice for the band is to make sure your band website is up when people are hearing your music in a song competition.  It took a little digging to find their facebook profile.  Other interested potential fans might give up if the bands’ site doesn’t come up in the first two results in google and load.

Click here hear their song “Judge”.  Check out the other submissions here.