Arkells perform on The Transit Tapes

Yes!! Toronto finally has something like the Black Cab Sessions. Check out The Transit Tapes, a video series capturing indie bands performing music on Toronto’s public transit system. Focusing on the key elements of a great unplugged performance, the idea is to combine a well shot, well framed one-take session with moving scenery of downtown Toronto with a good amount of character and charm. The project was created by Christian Bailey at Orbyt Media and have already filmed a few live performances of bands and artists such as Gentlemen Reg and Spiral Beach on chartered streetcars cutting through the city. Down the road, the creators plan on expanding the ‘definition’ of Transit to shoot pretty much anywhere, in any city, on any platform. My filming location suggestions for Toronto: subway travelling through the Bloor viaduct over the Don Valley or one of the lost lower Bay and lower Queen stations.

Check out all the videos on their youtube channel.

And remember that song we posted called Pullin’ Punches by Arkells? Here’s the acoustic version (don’t mind the misstart).