PREMIERE: “Atomic” by Indoor Voices (VIDEO)

Check out some new material from Toronto’s Indoor Voices, with “Atomic” from the upcoming release of Auratic. The track combines the drone-like swells of previous song “After” (from their S/T EP) and ventures into new sonic territory with keyboards from Craig Hopgood, swells from Chris Stringer (who also mixed the EP) and guest vocals from Jimena Torres (The Great Wilderness).

“Atomic” is about modern relationships, and how self-promotion can often feel empty and cynical — the difficulty of asking for help and how people often feel taken advantage of.  Its a reference to Mass Culture Theory. Atomisation: “a mass society consists of people who can only relate to each other like atoms in a physical or chemical compound. Mass society consists of atomised people, people who lack any meaningful or morally coherent relationship with each other.”

The video came together very quickly. Relph was reviewing footage he had taken during the summer and came across this slow-motion video of wasps attacking a cicada. He wanted to step in (literally — stomp on the wasps), but quickly found himself entranced by what was happening. He never found a carcass, and thinks the cicada managed to survive.

Look for this track off Auratic, which will be released on January 15th in ltd edition cassette and all digital platforms by Häxrummet records based in Stockholm, Sweden. Indoor Voices plays Long Winter TO this Saturday the 16th (7:45-8:15pm) at the Great Hall in Toronto.

Atomic ft. Jimena Torres from Indoor Voices on Vimeo.