What Band Pairs Best With Whisky? Chris says “Depends…” (#whiskyrocks)

I did one last post today for Aux’s Whisky Rocks competition, where I named a few bands that paired well with Whisky.

from aux.

My day job is running a business where I try to license songs to films, advertisements and tv shows. I’m constantly thinking of music and how it fits with picture, knowing that if you find that “perfect” song for a visual, it will make that scene so much better for the viewer.  Perhaps knowing this has also convinced me that alcohol can especially pair well with music, but it has to be a good fit.

What band fits best with Whisky? To me, that all depends on how and when you’re drinking it.

Sipping, over ice in a tumbler.

I tend to do this on a weekend afternoon, when I’ve found some time to relax and kick back. Musically, I fill my background with more low-key artists. Bon Iver might be a good choice, he’s already teamed up with Bushmills for a campaign.  Personally, I’ll always turn to Youth Lagoon’s brilliant album “The Year Of Hibernation”.  It even works better when its raining outside.

Try out “Montana”

Youth Lagoon – Montana from Tyler T. Williams on Vimeo.




Downing, from a shot glass, in succession.

This is more of a Saturday night, where I’m with friends starting a great evening, getting ready to go out. A couple of beers has now taken the backseat to Whisky, in never-ending shot glasses. The mood is optimistic and the music is definitely loud and rocking. So many bands could complement this moment so well, but I turn to UK’s Band Of Skulls and their album “Sweet Sour”.

Take a listen.


When you’re pouring a shot, or having a glass, what do you put on?