Bear’s Den “Agape”

It is no wonder! The record label co-founded by Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett, Communion Records, have just released (27 August) the debut EP by Bear’s Den titled ‘Agape’.  The English folk trio will be touring with the Mumford boys & Daughter in the coming weeks are; Andrew Davie, Joey Haynes and Kevin Jones.  The title track, “Agape” pronounced ‘ah-gah-pay’ from the Greek word for a distinctly spiritual type of love, is a standalone piece and deliciously impressive. You’ll be instantly won over by their multi-instrumental talent and with all things considered, for a debut of a band that’s only been together for a year – we tip our folk-hats to ‘ya fella’s!

You can stream the 5-track EP in its entirety via Paste Magazine here.