Behind The “WINTER EP” (Vancouver Sleep Clinic TAKEOVER)

Everyone involved at Team VSC is buzzing at the moment; we’re finally ready to release the debut Vancouver Sleep Clinic EP titled ‘Winter’ on Monday March 10!!!  Over the last 6 months so much heart and effort has gone into the writing, production and logistics of this release so it’s ridiculously exciting to finally have it ready to show the world.  It holds a really deep significance to me both lyrically and musically, so I’m extra excited (and anxious) to see how everyone digests it!

The ‘Winter EP’ can best be described as a journey.  When writing for it, I had a conscious intent to not write individual songs, but rather make it resonate and make sense as a body of music.  In summary, the EP explores my thought process in the midst of a dark period in life – which I’ve metaphorically referred to as ‘Winter’.  The tracks logically venture into initial themes of desperation, isolation, helplessness before gradually transitioning into maturity, understanding, and a hope found above else.  I’ve written all songs from my heart and my experiences in the desire that you can all connect as well.


This song was written in the back of my Maths book during a deadly 80 minute lesson of Maths on a Thursday afternoon.  Its lyrical purpose is to give context to the whole EP through highlighting the regret and despair that initially hits us all in a difficult time.  I feel like we can all relate to ‘falling short again’ of a standard.


Flaws probably has the most self explanatory lyrics from the EP.  We’ve all got burdens and flaws, and there’s some natural human ignorance inside of us that tells us we should seek to lose our burdens on our own.  Something that I don’t agree with, but I know from experience that it’s really hard to think otherwise in a period of darkness. It’s a battle.


Stakes is a turning point.  A song of reflection and the first consequential decision of action.  To burn down stakes; to plead for everything to wash away.  Probably my favourite song lyrically on the EP, and we have a lot of fun playing it live as well!


This song is a short, mostly instrumental, sequel to Stakes that brings a more peaceful, stripped back element to the journey – following a desperate beg for things to wash away.


This was the very first song I wrote for the project, and for that reason it’s really special to me.  It’s about understanding how short life is, a ‘Vapour’ as such, and therefore why its so important to find the light and joy (as hard as it sometimes is) in the situations we’re put in.


My favourite track on the EP as it drives home everything that I want to say.  This EP is one of hope and new beginnings, not demise.  I’m so emotionally connected to Rebirth, because I can personally profess that wiping a slate clean and starting again is the most incredible feeling.  Back to the bones that we’ve grown.

The ‘Winter EP’ is out on March 10 and is available for global pre-order at

Hope you enjoy it!

This post was written by Tim Bettinson (Vancouver Sleep Clinic), as part of his Takeover of Indie Music Filter.  Find him on twitter here.

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