“Berlin Prayer” by Moscow Metro

I’ve got another new track from Irish band Moscow Metro, to accompany the single “Late Night Radio” that I posted last week.  “Berlin Prayer” came together around the first night of the bands’ German tour, inspired by the street art and graffiti colouring Berlin’s buildings.  It was something the band have never seen before and they talked about what words might mean.

Lead singer Pops says “At one stage I imagined the graffiti as prayers, not in the religious sense, but with a similar sense of something spiritual, seeking to communicate a message to the city. I don’t know why, I was obviously seeing what I wanted to see. Later we found out most of the graffiti was ‘pimmel’. Later on, at a sold out show in a WWII bunker in Stuttgart we found out that ‘pimmel’ was the German word for penis, so our artistic interpretations were on fire.”