Best Songs Of The Year – Disc 1

I made a two disc mix CD to give out over the holidays. It was a little tough, as I originally had 60 or so songs in contention before I started whittling. But I got down to 34. I’m actually surprised at the low amount of Canadian content….. but these were the songs that stayed in my head the longest. Enjoy.

**by the way, if you know me and think you’ll see me in the next little while, ask me for one of these discs, I’ll probably have a couple on me.

Indie Music Filter 2006 Volume 1 – Disc 1

1) BrotherAnnuals

2) Hospital BedsCold War Kids

3) Launch Yourself – Adem

4) The Funeral – Band Of Horses

5) In Context – Field Music

6) Young Bride (CWL Remix)Midlake/Cassettes Won’t Listen

7) Click Click Click ClickBishop Allen

8) So Far We Are – The French Kicks

9) Your Eyes Are Liars – SOUNDteam

10) Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio

11) Photograph – Eagle*Seagull

12) Anti-Anti – Snowden

13) Paul Cries – Think About Life

14) Pate Filo – Malajube

15) Whoo! Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh – The Rapture