LISTEN: “Broken In Two” by Kalle Mattson

Folk music is about storytelling, which is something that Kalle Mattson excels at. However, since the release of the Polaris Music Prize nominated Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold (2014) and the JUNO Award nominated EP Avalanche (2015), Mattson has progressed beyond the purely folk tag that has accompanied him thus far and is examining what it means to be a ‘folk-artist’ in 2018. The discovery is Mattson’s new mantra: “folk is dead.”

Mattson’s new single, “Broken In Two” is a sonic palate cleanser for those audiences familiar with his past. Though the song began as a stark, guitar-based composition, the focus shifts to haunting keyboards and drum machines from producer Colin Munroe (Drake, Sky Ferreira).

“Broken In Two” leads the way for a new coming-of-age album about the in-between days of post-adolescence and pre-adulthood to be released later this year. Sonically, the LP imagines what it would sound like if Tycho made a folk record…or if 808s-era Kanye got his hands on some Sufjan Stevens demos. Watch for more details on the new record to be released in the near future.