Canadian Music Week 2007: part 2

Last night was interesting… I think next year instead of going to the indies, I’ll stay home.

Thursday picks

I think I’m going to be jumping around a lot tonight. Here’s some solid showcases.

As well, I’m going to do my best to see some of these kids tonight. Paula Perri at 9pm (Annex Wreck House, Scene Magazine), Royal Wood at midnight (El Mocambo, 1st Floor). The Dudes at midnight (Galaxie Show, Drake Hotel). Leaders and Dreamers (or are they now called The Denumonts) at 1am (Sneaky Dees). Kae Sun at 2am (Kathedral).Going through the listings here…. I wonder what Puppetmastaz at Reverb will be like…

Download For Once In Your Life Try To Fight For Something You Believe In by Moi Caprice

Moi Caprice