Catching up still: Mardeen, Jonsi and Alex (Riceboy Sleeps)

Okay, so I made it through NXNE day two in relatively good condition. Still pacing myself though, we all remember how festivals get the best of me.

NXNE recap is coming soon, but I’ve gotta point you towards Mardeen right now. They performed a slew of new songs last night which were amazing. They’ve only got one demo up on the site, but check out ‘Ice Truck Killer‘ (name is still tentative, but maybe they should keep it and improve that songs’ chances of making it on Dexter).

Elsewhere, I’d like to point out there’s new music from Jonsi (Sigur Ros) and Alex, together The Riceboy Sleeps. The In Sound From Way Out told us about it, check out the songs below. This will be my sunday evening come down music.