Ok, this isn’t exactly new but I only just found out that Many Things even existed, and the only reason why I did was the fact that they opened for Is Tropical at Shapes, London, and I was there.  Oh the serendipity!

Many Things are three Londoners.  Michael Tomlinson, Macks Faulkron and Gabi Woo; vocals/guitar, drums and keyboards, respectively. Their music sounds old and modern at the same time, like something I could easily find in one of my parents’ twenty-something years old mixtape or in one of my most recent playlists.

“Chains” is not their latest release, but it is my favourite so far. It’s strong, powerful, hurt, passionate, so very real. So go ahead and listen to their EP ‘What We Are’, released last year, and if you have a chance to see them live, please don’t miss the opportunity. I’m keeping my eye on Many Things, and you should too.