Chris’s Top 10 Albums of 2006

It was really hard putting these in order….

They are just going to be in alphabetical order. As well, I’m sure there were many great records put out this year that I never got a chance to hear. These ones below are the ones that inspired me the most.

(Not going to put in a lot of words, just a couple thoughts that come to mind.)

Adem - Love and other planetsAdem – Love And Other Planets

A great follow up to 2004’s Homesongs. A record with the right amount of quirk, a memorable and distinctive voice and a mosiac of instrumentation.

Annuals - Be He Me Annuals – Be He Me

The album is totally there, lives up to the bluzz. Tracks like Brother entice you at the start and knock your head off at the climax. Complete Or Completing is the best nu-waltz I’ve heard and tracks like Sway hide at the end, slowly growing on you as you start to wear down the disc. Great example of songwriting by a bunch of kids from North Carolina.

Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time Band Of Horses – Everything All The Time
Great debut from this Seattle band. Toss it on for roadtrips and bar-b-ques.


Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen – Skelliconnection

Maybe the true definition of DIY? Along with writing and recording the songs, Chad makes his own instruments and does all the artwork himself. Interesting record. Look for Flower Gardens, best stuttering song since My Generation.

Eagle*Seagull - Eagle*Seagull Eagle*Seagull – Eagle*Seagull

Another great debut. Get past the obvious Robert Smith sound of the lead singers voice and dig deeper. Phenominal live band.

Land Of Talk - Applause Cheer Boo Hiss

Land Of Talk – Applause Cheer Boo Hiss

Seven songs from a great ‘chemical trio’ from Montreal. Lizzie’s amazing voice is captivating. This EP is another great start, also keeping Montreal on the map as the best place to discover the next biggest thing.

Midlake - Trials of the Van Occupanther Midlake– Trials of Van Occupanther

AM Radio Gets A Modern Sheen‘. That quote has really stuck with me as the best way to describe this band. Think beautiful harmonies backed by 70’s influence folk-pop. If Roscoe doesn’t get you, try Young Bride. If neither work, try peanut butter.

Silversun Pickups Silversun Pickups – Carnavas

Many thought this was the second coming of the Smashing Pumpkins. I see a driven LA band, connected to the scene, capable of moving people with this record.

Snowden - Anti-Anti Snowden – Anti Anti

Winner of the sneak award, as in this one barely snuck in to my top 10. I’m fascinated with how great the tone sounds on this record. Take a listen to Like Bullets, awesome video.

The Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off The Walkmen – A Hundred Miles Off

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’d be able to guess that these guys would make my top 10. A grittier sounding record, still with tons of reverb and organs. And its a grower, Lousianna didn’t get me the same way The Rat did the first time I heard it. Go see this band.

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Also, a quick thanks to everyone that has been reading my rants here. And a happy holidays!

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