Contest: The Ultimate Wedding Playlist (Rdio)

wedding turntable

I need your help.  I’m getting married in a month and a half and I need to make the best wedding playlist for the big day.

A few years back I took care of the music for my brothers’ wedding and I learned a few things about the right music to play.  Firstly, I had to stick to the familiar.  There will be young and old at these weddings and having songs that people already know and adore is the best way to getting people moving.  Secondly, skew the slower songs to the earlier part of the evening.  You’re not going to want to break up a crazy dance party for a slow song near the end of the night.  Finally, I think its good to work some new songs in there, but later in the night when people are already into.  Plust, it better be a banger.

I’ve started to make a Rdio playlist (with only a few songs in there), which I’ve opened to collaboration, so I’m hoping you can add a suggestion or two.  Or put your ideas in the comments below.  With either way, I’ll put your name in a hat to draw a free 3-month free subscription to Rdio.  Deadline to enter is Sunday night (April 29th) at midnight EST.