Currently Listening To: Ajimal

For fans of Asgeir or Fink, check out “Nothing Touches Me” from Newcastle based singer/songwriter Fran O’Hanlon (aka Ajimal).  In his own words “Nothing Touches Me” is about the idea of ‘self’ and the inability to imagine anything outside one’s own sphere of existence. It’s about fearlessness and inability to imagine death. It looks at repetition; the fact that everything that we do, or that future generations do, has arguably been done before – and how to come to terms with this.

“Nothing Touches Me” will be out on December 1st via Mono as part of a split 12′ release with Tessera Skies.  The label will be hosting a launch party for the single at Ernest, Newcastle on 29th November and Ajimal will be playing a free show for Communion on 21st October at The Islington, London in support of the release.

Also, check out another one of his older songs, which came on afterwards when I was previewing the track.  The soundcloud recommendation engine strikes again!