Currently Listening To: Brolin

I was inspired by a blog post from We Listen For You co-founder Zach Hart today, all about his hope for the future of music blogging.  Also serving as a 7 year anniversary post, Zach’s “7 Things I Hope Music Blogs Will Change” post rang pretty true with me.  I also hope that blogs in the future try to go further for the talents we believe in, avoid the fake news and stop racing to be the first.  I agreed the most with Zach’s last point, where he’d like us all to have fun again, remember why we blog in the first place and show it via passionate writing; BECAUSE WE LOVE MUSIC.

I’ll admit I’ve never been a strong writer and it’s never really my forte or focus.  A lot of times I’m not able to instantly sum up a track/video I’m posting on Indie Music Filter for you to hear.  The way I see it, everything I put on this blog is something I think everyone needs to hear.  That’s really the only motivation.  Why?  Because I love music too and also love passing it along to my friends (and having this ability to do so).

I’m rounding out this post by following through on my last statement, giving you a song you should just sit back and hear.  While checking another one of my daily feeds today, I fell for a track called “Swim Deep” by Brolin on My Old Kentucky Blog.   Brolin is a London producer/singer who’s latest track “Swim Deep” comes from an EP with the same name (available for pre-order Oct. 15th), with a debut LP on the way early next year.

Take a listen.