Currently Listening To: Golden Coast

You know how a song can transport you?  I’m using “Who We Are” by Golden Coast, to take me out of this cold, dark Toronto November day, back to the warm and sunny beach I spent most of last week on.  Physically, I’m still slightly freezing in my office, but mentally I’m totally in a different world.

The duo (comprised of Denny White & Steven Mudd) met in college while producing and writing for various artists before finally deciding to team up and release a project of their own.  Golden Coast combines the best of both their skill-sets: a mixture of electronic and organic instruments, tight production, and sanguine themes set to no shortage of instantly hooky melodies.  “Who We Are” comes from the bands’ upcoming sophomore release “Dream And An MPC” and features “vocal stutters, beefy drums and a siren of a synth hook”.

Take a spin.