Currently Listening To: Holy Family

You gotta trust your friends when they tip you to new bands.

The other night, during an unexpected late night drinking session in the East End, I got three great recommendations of bands to check out, including a tip to hear new music from some band with Holy in the name.  Holy…. something.  I confirmed it the next morning that I should hear the newest from from Holy Family.  The Montreal (via Gothenburg, Sweden) duo are Anton Ekman + Viktor Hansson, who’ve got a new record out called “Can’t Dance, Won’t Steal, Need Some Help”.  The album has the band compiling 5 tracks from their shared one-room Montreal apartment with the other 5 tracks completed while in Gothenburg.

I don’t know where “Alexander The Great” was recorded, but it’s my choice for your first listen.  Anyone going to M For Montreal next week?   If I were, I’d be making time to see this band.