Currently Listening To: Low City

Even though I love setting up at home and working from my living room window, I still find it still pretty damn hard to stay focused.  Some days, I’m easily distracted.  Today, since it’s freezing cold in my apartment, I keep walking back and forth between this table I’ve got my computer on, to the space heater plugged in near the doorway.  Stay warm out there folks, we’re probably going to have another couple months of this.

Have you heard of the band Low City?  They’re a Brooklyn-based collaboration between longtime friends and former bandmates (music producer Abe Seiferth and composer/musician Jeremy Turner), aiming to combine an electronic production background with classical and film scoring expertise. All the songs were written, performed and recorded by Seiferth and Turner, but the duo were joined by several guest performers to flesh out its sound (guest performances from members of Dirty Projectors and Bon Iver).

Take a listen to “All You Can Dream Of”.

Keep the good music coming.