Currently Listening To: Kennedy Cult

I got a nice message today from Ryan Kennedy, formerly of the band Rikers that I’ve covered on this site in the past.  But,  it has been a while since those posts and I was recently wondering what the band (or its members) were up to.  Well, Ryan has started a project called Kennedy Cult and they’ll be releasing one EP each month in 2013.  They’ve already put out 4 EP’s so far and the newest one came out this week (titled “Healing“).    Head to their bandcamp to listen/download as they are available as free or pwyc.

Ryan has this to say about his new project:

KENNEDY CULT is really a bit of a reaction to the struggles I’ve gone through with rock bands and labels/radio/industry in Canada . I have made a few mistakes in my day and put commercial goals ahead of artistic ones and I’m working now to make sure that doesn’t happen again . Each KENNEDY CULT Ep is recorded in a 48 hr period and we place different sonic restrictions on ourselves with each release  (ex: no cymbals / no guitar etc ).  I write all the songs myself and the other band members don’t hear them until we’re in the studio and the clock is running.  I’m really focused on capturing the initial spark that comes from playing a song for the first time . Not all songs end up being first takes but it forces us to work quickly and not over think things . We work off a very minimal template that forces lyrics and vocals to the forefront.

Shall we get to some music?  I was drawn to the 2nd track off the Healing EP, “I Can’t Surf”, not only because it is fantastic, but also because I can’t surf.