Currently Listening To: Martin Crane

I highly recommend you check out this tune from Brazos frontman Martin Crane, from his first solo effort (Physical Therapy) out on November 20th (via INSCAPE).  “Physical Therapy” comes from an album that defines a new style for Martin, uniting his distinctive lyrical voice with the push and pull of a live rock band and the sonic textures of top 40 pop. Martin recorded the album twice – once as a live-performance recording with fellow collaborators Ian Chang (Son Lux, Matthew Dear, Landlady) and Spencer Zahn (Twin Shadow, Empress Of) and once as a solo record using Ableton. The best ideas of each recording were combined to create the unique hybrid style of Physical Therapy. Martin mixed the songs himself, leaving the last step to veteran mastering engineer Chris Gehringer (Drake, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Rihanna).

Check out the title track (and incredible debut).