Currently Listening To: W-H-I-T-E, Body Language, Wolf Gang

white glasses Currently Listening To: W H I T E, Body Language, Wolf Gang

Isn’t it true that April Fools jokes are supposed to stop at noon?  If so, I’ll point out the one I put on the site today.  Twas from a few years ago, thought i’d try it again.  Anyway, here’s one of those posts where I link to a bunch of stuff, check it.

-Cory Thomas Hanson is W-H-I-T-E and his latest single “draws from the experience of water rushing over ones body, submerging the senses in a bliss of overwhelming intensities”.  Look for it on his upcoming album Twin Tigers.  Check out his track “Fountain” at Impose.

Nialler9 introduced me to Brooklyn’s Body Language in a post the other day, I’ve had “You Can” in high rotation here ever since.  Video here.

You Can by Body Language

-Here’s another taste from Wolf Gang‘s Dave Fridmann produced debut album Suego Faults, to be released on Atlantic Records on 27th June 2011. Wolf Gang – Something Unusual by wolfgang

Friends With Both Arms have a track from Papercuts.

IGIF has a new track and video from Foxes in Fiction called “School Night”.

Check out “Sparrow” by Savoir Adore, exclusively at Neon Gold.

RAC remixes Peter, Bjorn and John at RCRD LBL.