Guest Post: David Hayman (Supersonic Creative)

What are you listening to?

As far as new music I’m really into (as always) raw guitars, upfront vocals, angular baselines and heavy drumming.  A bit of old school rock in roll/blues with a touch of mis-guided-first-world-punk. Crate-diving as usual for vinyl-gems, but I’m also listening to a lot of new emerging soul.  Trying to find the few that nail it.  It’s literally coming now from all around the world.  When I hear it work, I get shivers. It’s rare when all of the elements come to play at once, but it’s happening far beyond any blurred lines.  This new-soul-wave continues to bleed into popular genres like R&B/Hip-Hop (Weeknd / Kendrick Lamar), Rock (Gary Clark Jr), Roots (The Alabama Shakesand because we live in a remix culture, everything that’s half-worthy of a double-spin is made into a remix and often those are even better than the originals (Bruno Mars Cash Cash ‘Treasure’ remix).  I find these web of tunes fairly easy to place on television and in films.  Timeless is a good sound to have for sync.  Who wants a dated film.  Despite being one of the finest actors on the planet, try watching a Judge Reinhold film today.  Dated music kills potentially classic films.  😉 …  Bottom line here is that Soul, has fucking soul!!!  Use is it or lose it.

About David:

I am David Hayman and I like to do things differently. My company Supersonic Creative is all about Music Supervision x Sonic Branding. Supersonic is representative of a true, honest approach to finding win/win situations for everyone involved in any of his projects. We specialize in curating and negotiating music and talent for your productions.

It’s an exciting space to play in and we honestly have too much fun.

Right now we are busy with commercial music searches, licensing, placements and demo-production, along with music-supervising two feature films this, the network hospital drama; Saving Hope, APTN’s newest series; Mohawk Girls, and we are about to dive into Season Five of the beloved series Rookie Blue. We are also planning projects with some exciting high profile brands and partnering on various transmedia projects in development.

Big things cooking @ Supersonic.

SUPERSONIC CREATIVE INC from David Hayman on Vimeo.