Debut: A Rainmaker

Admittedly, my daily laments for Soundcloud are now tickling the cusp of embarrassingly ‘gushy’ and overly dramatic – I should really stop this harking-malarky.  But, it’s just so wonderfully there for me (yes, it has a humanism attached to it) and become the best source for Independent music. Cue; A Rainmaker, the french band from Paris, of which we know very little about.  “Rwenzori” marks their first EP to date and the band is made up of the most intriguingly beautiful set of names, that could very well form part of their track-listing titles – Lead Singer Capucine, Brice & Nicolas on guitar, Théophile on base and tweaking the cello is Gersende.  It delivers on and flows comfortably through every song with “Sailing A Ship On The Ground” to be my on-repeater.  The “call and response” that the male/female singers have whilst yo-yo’ing through the verses makes for a rather unique debut. I’m in…Let it rain! (yes, I just said that).