Debut Video by Prides

So this little nugget popped in earlier and whilst the beat feels so proudly loud, shaped up and ready for your ears to devour, you would never have guessed it’s off their debut EP.  Which means you’ve probably already clicked play (I have that affect on people) whilst the song gets you into some serious synth-swaying – you’ll be hooked within seconds.

The video feels familiar, perhaps because you could easily picture a song like this being let out and played in a large open space, perhaps because you could easily picture yourself going mad in a large open space, to a song like this.  Feeling dizzy yet?  CHVRCHES were the ones who first sowed the seeds and shared Prides debut single ‘Out Of The Blue’ and they damn-well did a good job catapulting the band to the right spot.  The EP’s out at the end of March, so go ahead and press that replay button willya?  It’ll brighten but the bluest Monday!