LISTEN: “Fire” by Diskopunk

Just when Swedish band Diskopunk‘s song “Antonio America” was finally making its way out of my head since posting it last month, the band are back with a new single in “Fire”.  The Stockholm-based group have another winner here, part of their promise to be the missing link between the live & dance scene.

Rather then forcing a description of the track, sometimes you gotta just go with what was given to you.

In this low & heavy disco-tune we follow Antonio down the steep steps of neon into the glitter coated catacombs. Down here, lust is turned to fire. A blurring fire that sticks to your skin until sunlight peels it off. Embrace the bumps & love the wrongs cause the fire burns forever.

That works, right? Take a listen to “Fire”.

Diskopunk are Antonio America, Joakim Rydén, Harald Forsmark, William Collins and Henrik Ulvenäs.  Follow them on Facebook here.