Earlimart: One of the coolest bands from LA

Its coming up on one year since I first heard the band Earlimart. Fronted by Aaron Espinoza, Earlimart are a band that is surprising difficult to describe musically. Its great music though. Three thumbs up! (Get someone next to you to join in…..).

Maybe they are a mix between Elliott Smith (late-close friend of the band) and Broken Social Scene, but with more piano.

I was at a Bar-b-que in Austin Texas last year for SXSW; It might of been a US campus radio stations’ shin-dig. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I’d had way too much to drink. I remember seeing the band, leaving, then swearing that If I’d remember anything from that party, it would be that:

a) Earlimart cleared up the sky, sent the clouds away, and set the sun.

b) the nachos were great, the beer was very bad.

Follow this link to stream Earlimart’s last record ‘Treble and Tremble’. I enjoy ‘The Hidden Track’ and ‘Heaven Adores You’.

Also, check out this link. Its a LA based collective of bands (Called The Ship Collective) who record music together. Along with Earlimart, there’s a couple more gems in there.