I recommend you check out this film calledEchotone, a documentary film by Nathan Christ (Reversal Films production) about the changing city we know as Austin, TX. Echotone refers to ‘a transitional zone between two communities’, here evidenced by Austin’s vibrant music scene and the influx of new condo developments.


Internationally known as ‘The Live Music Capital of the World,’ Austin’s music culture has led it to become one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. As nearly two dozen high-rises pop up throughout the city amidst economic downfall, how does the working musician get along? This lyrical documentary provides a telescopic view in the lives of Austin’s vibrant young musicians as they grapple with questions of artistic integrity, commercialism, experimentation, and the future of their beloved city. Echotone is a cultural portrait of the modern American city examined through the lyrics and lens of its creative class.

There is rising star soul revivalist Black Joe Lewis selling out concert halls by night and delivering fish by day. Theres Cari Palazzolo of synth pop sensation Belaire, poised for commercial success, but conflicted over the thought of her music turning into a commodity. Then there is experimental troubadour Bill Baird, whose band Sound Team enjoyed a major label deal with Capitol Records and were subsequently dropped after one album. The tales of these young artists forms a mosaic illustrating the universal struggle many contemporary fringe cultures are experiencing.
A modern parable on integrity, Echotone is a feature documentary that explores the world of Austin’s vibrant music culture as it struggles to balance notions of personal ethics and sustainability amidst an economic, cultural, and political paradigm shift.

To promote the film, the production is currently engaged in aVan Tour right now. Look out for this film.

Echotone – Teaser Trailer from echotonefilm on Vimeo.

Check out Bill Baird in his newest incarnation, Sunset with “The World Is Waiting”